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Beef Marbling Scale



When it comes to Wagyu beef, it’s all about the marbling. Marbling is what makes Wagyu so special because it’s the only breed of cattle to metabolize their fat inside the muscle tissue, which makes for a rich flavor and buttery texture. Unlike most red meat, this fat is actually good for you—like that in olive oil or avocados—because it’s composed of essential fatty acids that may even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


The beef industry grades meat on what’s called a Beef Marbling Scale (BMS), which gives you a snapshot of the fat marbling in each category. We’re very proud of our American Wagyu products, which consistently earn at least two grades higher than the industry standard.


Our American Wagyu, or Miraflora Gold, is purebred Wagyu crossbred with angus cattle. Genetically speaking, it’s at least 50% pure Wagyu. Our 100% pure Wagyu, or Miraflora Platinum, will be offered as soon as our cattle mature and will be the highest grade beef available in the U.S.—anything higher is imported directly from Japan in extremely limited quantities.


For more about Wagyu and what makes ours so special, check out our blog.