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What is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed derived from native Asian cattle. Wagyu were originally draft animals used in agriculture and were selected for their physical endurance. This selection favored animals with more intra-muscular fat cells (marbling), which provided a readily available energy source. This unique breed is not commonplace in the United States, making Wagyu beef highly sought after.


Why Wagyu?

The premium flavor and extreme tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu beef gives a premium product and an exceptional eating experience. When crossed with carefully selected Angus cattle, the offspring, which we term as American Wagyu, produces a prime product that we produce and market as Miraflora Wagyu.


How are Miraflora Wagyu cattle raised?

Miraflora Wagyu cattle are raised and grown on the mountains and plains in and around northern Colorado, where green grass, fresh air and running water are hallmarks of the region. Calves are born on cooperator ranches and spend many months grazing native grass. Once weaned, calves are backgrounded on grass for 90 to 120 days. After that, they are fed a specially formulated ration under a Japanese-style method in small groups and with low stress for another 450 days. This is a longer process than traditional U.S. cattle production and is what gives Miraflora Wagyu its superior quality.


Does Miraflora Wagyu follow Beef Quality Assurance guidelines?

Not only does Miraflora Wagyu follow strict Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) guidelines, but Ryan Rhoades (who raises our cattle) is a BQA trainer. These guidelines ensure that all Miraflora Wagyu animals are raised, fed, transported and processed with the utmost care, consideration and best practices that guarantee humane, respectful, peaceful and low-stress treatment.


Why is Wagyu fat healthier?

Wagyu cattle naturally produce more of the “good” fats than other breeds, specifically more Omega 3, Omega 6 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) fats. This has been scientifically proven and documented. Because of this higher level of monounsaturated fats and fatty acids, Wagyu beef adds certain health benefits to your diet.


What is your shipping/delivery process?

For e-commerce we use two-day air from Denver International Airport or UPS for ground deliveries along the Front Range in Colorado. All orders are confirmed with a tracking number once shipped so that you know when your order will arrive.


How are orders shipped?

We will ship your order in an insulated container with dry ice. The product is frozen when it leaves our location and can arrive frozen or partially frozen. As long as it’s cool to the touch upon arrival, it is safe and can be put in your freezer or fully thawed and eaten soon after arrival.


What if my order does not arrive?

In the unlikely event that your order does not arrive, please contact us immediately at so we can troubleshoot and find your order. Also, be sure to check your order via the tracking number we provided you upon confirmation in case it was delivered to your neighbor by mistake!


Do you sell your beef wholesale?

Yes, we do sell Miraflora Wagyu wholesale. Contact us for more information!