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How We Raise Our Wagyu

How We Raise Our Wagyu

We believe how we raise everything on our farm matters just as much as what we raise. That’s why our land has never, ever seen a pesticide—unless ladybugs count. We feed our crops and creatures pure snowmelt from Rocky Mountain National Park, and fertilize with nutrient-dense Alpaca Gold from our alpaca herd. We farm everything sustainably, responsibly, and organically, with a strong commitment to being good stewards of the land.


When it comes to Wagyu cattle, we raise them on the plains and foothills of northern Colorado. They graze on fresh organic grasses and roam freely on 50 acres. Our cattle are never given steroids, hormones, or drugs to help them gain weight faster. This means they take longer to mature—roughly three years—which also increases their value. We go to great pains to make sure they live in a stress-free environment, too, as stress causes adrenaline spikes that can toughen their meat. Happy cows mean good meat!

We not only strictly follow Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) guidelines, but our founder is a BQA trainer. These guidelines ensure that all of our animals are raised, fed, transported, and processed with the utmost care, consideration, and best practices. We guarantee humane, respectful, peaceful, stress-free treatment of our animals at all times.

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