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About Miraflora Wagyu

About Miraflora Wagyu

Miraflora started as a USDA-certified organic farm raising hemp, hay, lavender, wildflowers, and pumpkins. We operate on 160 acres of land outside of Boulder, Colo., that’s been farmed organically for more than a century, way before “organic” was even a thing. We got into the Wagyu beef business in 2023, as we felt raising the finest cattle the right way aligned with our sustainable and organic farming practices. 

To learn the ropes of our new business, we aligned with another Colorado company called Elevation Beef, run by Ryan and Jacqueuline Rhoades. Ryan holds a Ph.D. in ranch management and nutrition, as well as graduate degrees in meat science (yes, really). An expert in beef feeding and genetics, he’s known in agricultural circles as “The Beef Doctor.” During his research, he discovered the highest grading Wagyu steer in the U.S., and with Jacqueline, a pediatric dietician who was excited the nutritional benefits of the highest quality Wagyu, their beef business was born. 

They started Elevation in 2016 with 16 head of purebred Wagyu cattle. With their expertise in nutrition, genetics, and meat science, they’ve become known for having the highest quality premium Wagyu beef in the country. Now run under the name of Miraflora Wagyu, we’ve brought Wagyu cattle and Elevation’s methodology onto our farm. 

We are thrilled to continue their commitment to raising the finest quality Wagyu in the U.S.—and to bring this nutritious delicacy to restaurants and homes across the country. For more information about our farm and our other products, go to our CBD site and our farm site.

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