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Wagyu Prime Gift Box

$236.00 $258.00

In stock. Premium Wagyu Sent Straight To Your Door.

Give the Gift of Prime

With all of our most premium cuts you know and love, this box will turn your next dinner party into a steakhouse meal for 14 of your closest friends.


  • Two 6 oz. Wagyu Bavette Steaks
  • Six 1/3 lb Wagyu Steakburgers
  • Three 4oz. Wagyu Italian Sausages
  • One 16 oz. Wagyu Summer Sausage

Then choose one of the following:

  • Two 14 oz. Wagyu Ribeye Steaks
  • Two 12 oz. Wagyu New York Strip Steaks
  • One 14 oz. Wagyu Ribeye Steak & One 12 oz. Wagyu New York Strip Steak
  • Two 6 oz. Wagyu Filet Mignon

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